I recently came into contact with Particle as a rapid development platform. To get some basic insight into how it works, I set out to create a simple WordPress plugin for Particle. The idea is simple: integrate Particle variables and functions in my WordPress blog. And, amazingly, the implementation was just as trivial.


Getting Started

Harrison Jones (and others) wrote a PHP library which enables communication with the Particle Cloud. It is mainly because of this library that the implementation just took a few hours to complete.

For my experiments, I used the following:

Update: since writing this post I moved my blog over to WordPress.com. While they do support custom plugins, the current plan I have does not. So this code is no longer active on my blog.


The Result

After a half day of coding I created a shortcode system to read Particle Cloud variables & function results in a WordPress blog. An example of minimal implementation for retrieving a variable is: [[particle variable="ledStatus"]]. Particle Cloud Functions can be called as follows: [[particle function="ledBrightness" value="100"]].

This Project on GitHub

More details on this project can be found on GitHub.