If you are in wine making or adjacent industries, it’s time to rethink your business model. 

Ava Winery is pioneering a process of synthetic wine making which may disrupt the entire industry. No more land for vineyards, no more costly and lengthy fermentation process. All this is replaced by a process which in the future can create high-quality wines in 15 minutes. The immediate potential of this process for the industry seems to be huge: cost saving, no more natural variability, etc.

But there’s more. This new process will completely overturn the business model for wine making. There is no more link to geographical regions, wine could be made anywhere; potentially even in your home. The cost is also greatly reduces, effectively democratizing wine making to the point that it is open to nearly anyone. At first this will cause a decline of traditional wine making, but just as fast new models and industries will pop up.

Imagine a bottle of wine, made especially for you, based on your past ratings of other wines and food. It could be made while you wait in your favorite bar or store; maybe even at home. Sounds like science fiction, but the building blocks exists, it just takes someone to put them together and throw it on the market.

And why stop at wine? If you have the process to create wine, how hard can it be to make other beverages? Or other foodstuffs? Disruption is happening everywhere, and anyone can benefit from it. It just takes an open mind and the courage to overturn your own organization.

(Original source of information: De Tijd)

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